Suggested Reading

For those of you who would like to learn more about the historical background to Bamburgh and Northumberland, or learn more about archaeological theory and field methods before you put them into practice, we suggest the following books and articles.

From the Bamburgh Research Project

— Bamburgh Castle: The Archaeology of the Fortress of Bamburgh AD 500 to AD 1500 by Graeme Young.

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You can buy a copy of Northumbria: The Lost Kingdom by director Paul Gething and co-author Edoardo Albert from the UK here or the US here.

You can read Graeme Young’s recent article in Current Archaeology magazine here.

You can read Gerry Twomey’s article in the online magazine Past Horizons, go here and click on ‘read the publication’. You’ll find Gerry’s article on page twelve.

Groves, S. et al., The Bowl Hole Early Medieval Cemetery at Bamburgh Excavations 1998 to 1999‘, in Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 38

American Journal of Physical Anthropology 151:462–476 (2013)
Mobility Histories of 7th–9th Century AD People Buried at Early Medieval Bamburgh, Northumberland, England. S.E. Groves, C.A. Roberts, S. Lucy, G. Pearson, D.R. Grocke, G. Nowell, C.G. Macpherson, and G. Young

Archaeology in Northumberland, Discovery Series 1: Bamburgh, Burgess, C. Cadwallander, T. Gething, P. Miket, R. Murray, D. Rushton, S. Young, G. L. Young, Northumberland County Council 2007


Antiquity: Project Gallery, Issue 318, Volume 82, 2008

Excavating an Archaeologist: Brian Hope-Taylor at Bamburgh.

Young, G. L.


British Archaeology (CBA), May-June 2011 – At the Heart of Bamburgh Castle, Young G. L. pg 44-47.


Medieval Archaeology, Notes and News, Geophysical Survey at Bamburgh Castle Northumberland. Vol. 49, 2005. Wood, P. N. pg 305-310


Medieval Archaeology, Medieval Britain and Ireland, Northumberland, A 9th Century Industrial Area at Bamburgh Castle. Vol. 55, 2011. Castling, J. and Young, G. L. pg 311-317



— Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice by Colin Renfrew & Paul Bahn.

— Techniques of Archeological Excavation by Philip Barker:

The Anglo Saxons

— Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English Peoples

— The Dream of the Rood

— Beowulf

— The Cambridge Old English Reader by Richard Marsden.

Other Reading

— Grace Darling: Victorian Heroine by Hugh Cunningham

— Y Gododdin trans. A.O.H.Jarman

— Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria: An Edition of Briathra Flainn Fhina Maic Ossu by Colin A. Ireland

And for fun:

— The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell, and series sequels.

— The Sword and the Miracle by Melvyn Bragg