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Payment Page

Payment Page

This page is for those who need to pay for their booked place via Paypal. Please do not submit a payment until your place has been confirmed.

At this time we can only accept PayPal or sterling payments of the fee equivalent via international bank transfer and mostly applies to those who are not in posession of a UK bank account. In the case of a bank transfer you will need to speak to your bank and request an IBACS code from us via the email below.

You do not need to have or create a paypal account to complete this transaction.

Please Note: Paypal charges an admin fee on top of the cost of the BRP tuition.

How it works:

You need to pay the deposit to secure your place. For the excavation the deposit is one week’s fee – £320.

After this you need to pay your remaining balance by May 24th 2024.

If you have trouble making your final payment by the deadline please email Graeme to discuss options (email below).

Pay Deposit or Balance

If booking more than one week and you wish to pay for your total amount all at once there are options for 1, 2 and 3 weeks of fees.

For those who paid their deposit by PayPal, and are making a subsequent payment, select the number of additional weeks (minus your deposit week). For example, if you have booked 3 weeks and have already paid your deposit you would select 2 weeks from the drop down menu.


Accommodation Payment

Paymant can be made to the BRP account by bank transfer for Bunkhouse accommodation at £17.50 per night. If you need to use Paypal to account for currency transfer you can pay for one week’s accommodation below. Fees will be 5% higher due to the Paypal fees.

Pay for one week in the Bunkhouse (£222.00)